We offer the following services for you. Ozone Machine Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Rife Resonator Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Quantum Bacterial and Pathogen Scanner View More Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is used to treat several medical conditions. Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is a painless, natural therapy in which high levels of oxygen is inhaled while lying in a pressurized chamber. MHBOT increases oxygen concentrations in the plasma and lymphatic system, up to ten times the normal amount. Call Us @ +27 61 512 4727

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Our vision at Kamala Wellness is to generate a friendly environment and calming experience where you feel better from the moment you walk in. Focussing on treating a person as a whole and not just on individual symptoms, we aim to treat the mind, body and spirit as a whole.


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We focus on the PROACTIVE strengthening and support of the natural immune system to prevent the majority of illnesses and diseases that causes the shortening of your productive life span and premature death

Rife Resonator

The amazing technology of the Rife resonator now allows everyone to fight pathogens and diseases from the comfort of their home.

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

The body has millions of cells that develop, grow, break up and die daily. During the cellular breakdown and renewal of the cells, frequencies or energy is sent from the nucleus of the cells (the heart of each cell).

Quantum Bacterial and Pathogen Scanner

The Quantum Bacterial and Pathogen Scanner is a biofeedback stress detection system and a stress release system.

Ozone Machine

Healthy cells in the body need oxygen. Most unwanted microorganisms are “anaerobic”, which means that they thrive in the absence of oxygen. They are actually destroyed by the presence of oxygen.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is the medicinal use of oxygen at higher than atmospheric pressure. Hyper means increased and baric relates to pressure.

DoTerra Essential Oils

What are essential oils? Essential oils are the essence of a plant, a gift from the earth, distilled and prepared for you to bring the power of nature into your home.

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Generate a friendly environment and calming experience where you feel better from the moment you walk in

Our Mission

We are committed to the wellness of our clients, offering our clients with not only good treatments but also help them change their lifestyle for the better. Our overall goal is to be a wellness centre that offers invaluable services, increase the client’s knowledge about positive changes that can be made to promote a healthy lifestyle, keep up with the latest medical trends and provide quality treatments and ongoing education and having a holistic approach to the well-being of our clients.

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