Plexus 560A – Rife Resonator

1000’s of medical applications and solutions in one box!

Plexus 560A – Rife Resonator

The amazing technology of the Rife resonator now allows everyone to fight pathogens and diseases from the comfort of their home. Efficient and inexpensive support for your immune system for a longer, healthier and more productive life!

Treat yourself for life at the all-inclusive price equivalent to only one-month comprehensive medical aid contribution for a family of 4!

Wave technology is responsible for what you hear and see. It is extensively used in diagnostic machines in laboratories, medical equipment such as X-Ray, CT scanning, cancer radiation, and many more. NOW available for everyone at home to fight illnesses and diseases. Hello, healthy!

Treatment of the body with the Plexus 560 A Rife Resonator

Once you have received the report from the Quantum Scanner, you can then treat yourself with the Plexus 560 A Rife Resonator, with pre-loaded programs eg:

  • If you have a fatty liver: Then use the “Fatty Liver” program.
  • If your body’s acid levels are a problem: then use the “Acidosis” or “Hyperacidity of the stomach”
  • For any Bone Density problems: Use “Bone regeneration” as well as “Calcium stimulation”
  • Rheumatism: We have several programs on the Rife, as well as groups specially written for rheumatism
  •  Prostate problems: For enlarged prostate, use the following programs “Prostate Hyperplasia”, Prostatitis as well as the special group for the treatment of the Prostate
  • The Rife Resonator can also stimulate various organs: Such as lymph drainage, spleen, thyroid, liver, etc.
  • Cancer – Many of our clients use the Rife resonator for a variety of cancer types. For example – Breast cancer, Carcinoma and Adenoma cancer, Lymph and Blood cancer, Ovarian cancer, Bladder cancer, as well as many more.

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